Room2Smile is a great organization that helps cancer patients and their families in the Central New York area. Roe Hard Guide Service is proud to donate 5% of every guided trip to the Room2Smile cause.

Here is a little about Room2Smile's mission, from the founder, Brandon Spillett.

'My father, Daniel Spillett, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1993 when my sister and I were only 10 & 8. Through his strength, support system, and a positive attitude he was able to fight this “terminal illness” for many years and live a “normal life.' In reality, his life was far from normal. He fought everyday for the next twelve years not letting one second go by, or missing out on an opportunity to smile and help others do the same. During those years he maximized his time with family, friends, and coaching lacrosse. My father was always sharing his passion for life and smiling the entire time. Whenever he would walk into a room, people were always anticipating his infectious smile, humorous one-liners, constructive criticism, or constant encouragement. As the years have passed, I have often met people who were touched by my father entering their “rooms.” We have shared the passion of his life and the love for life that he inspired in all of us. Briefly, my father was confined to a hospital bed and wasn’t able to walk into those rooms. Instead, people constantly streamed into HIS room. During the time he spent in the hospital, his room was never empty. He shared many rooms with people whose only visitors were hospital staff. Frequently, I would walk into my father’s room and he would be entertaining his roommates! Late at night, when all the visitors had come and gone, he would express how much he loved those daily conversations that made him smile. Our logo represents the many rooms my father walked into, all the rooms we can enter, and how we can honor his life! Everyone has and deserves more Room2Smile!'
- Brandon Spillett

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